Frequently Asked Questions

All our products come with manufacturer brands listed in the item description.  We stand by our descriptions and we NEVER sell cheap Knockoffs.

We cannot guarantee Box/Packaging condition of the products we sell.  People have different interpretation of packaging and we do not offer box or packaging grades.  We do our best to ship items securely and well protected.  If you need items in high grade box, please contact us and we may be able to find the right one for you and ship with extra padding for a small fee.

We have them to send you promotions/coupons and our store newsletters if you subscribe to that.  We do NOT share any of your info with third party companies, unless asked by law enforcements or government agencies.

We Only insure item/items that are totaled $250 or more.  If you buy something or somethings that total less than $250, we will not insure it; BUT we will give you the option to buy insurance for that package.

We do Not accept returns or exchanges due to possible fraud.  All sales of New items are final.  Since we deal with mostly mass produced toys, minor manufacturing flaws do occur.  We never had an issue with toy returns as most of our customers are honest.  We have raved Ebay seller feedback so buy with confidence!

You pre-orders will ship when it becomes available.  We give you an estimated date of arrival (ETA), and most of the time those dates are met by the manufacturer.  But delays do happen from time to time, so if delays are over one month from ETA, we will offer full refund and cancel your order.

Yes, you must pay for the pre-orders when you place them.

A lot of times, if you pre-order an item you will save money as when it comes into stock it will be priced higher.  Also sometimes (more times than not) the item is HOT and it is sold out before it even comes into stock.

Yes, we can group them together for you and combine shipping for you.  We will ship your selected grouped pre-orders as soon as all those orders are in stock.

NO, once a pre-order is placed you cannot cancel it because we make reservations to the manufacturer and we are obligated to fulfill those orders.